Creating your Signature Photo

When I started traveling, I struggled with taking the ‘right’ photos to document the moment, without being cliche.  I also struggled with- should I be in the photo, should it just be the vista? Should it be silly? Serious? Do I have friends in it? There are just so many choices for taking good photos.

The good news is that with the advent of digital cameras and iphones, you can snap away and figure out the shot you like the best later. When I first started traveling, that wasn’t the case and I would return home with my carry-on bag bursting to the seams with film canisters. The six months of traveling in Australia/New Zealand produced 45 rolls of film. And that’s just because I was on a budget.

One thing that I suggest is taking a look at travel photos. Look at how photos are framed, where the subjects are and how to wait for that perfect wave to put the crown on your sunset-over-the-beach photo.

Or. Just like some people collect shot glasses, or magnets, or little figurines from each place they go, you can create a “Signature Photo”. Meaning, at least one of the same style photos in all your different travels.  My post called “Hands On” explains one way I do this, but another thing I do is always take photos with signs from where I am. I pull over on the side of the road, I bribe border crossing guards, I ask strangers to take photos and it’s just another way for me to remember all the incredible moments I’ve been a part of.  It’s also really cool when you come back and put them all together.  Check mine out below….



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