Arriving in Rome after midnight, I swear I expected the airport to be dead- but it was a buzz of activity! Our driver met us with a sign with my name, and we were off to the hotel. Rome is an incredible European city. It’s not as beautiful as Florence, but the windy streets, the old buildings mixed with the new, the random ruins all over the place, and the cobblestone streets make it very charming for a huge city. There is an energy at night smilar to that of New York or Chicago… teens out with their friends, backpackers stumbling to/from the clubs, even families are out at all hours. You know who else was out at all hours? Us. My mom and I… our taxi driver had to stop at the end of the street because he couldn’t drive up to our Hotel… which actually was a super cute Bed and Breakfast style place instead of a formal hotel. However, at almost 2am, my nerves were shot, I was exhausted, and we couldn’t figure out which door was our place. We couldn’t get in, because we didn’t have a key- and the guys had fallen asleep from exhaustion. After turning on my cell service for a moment (cha-Ching to Verizon) I was able to get a hold of my Uncle and he came down and let us in after about 20 minutes.

Our little place was such a typical small guest house to stay at. There was a beautiful wooden door that entered to a courtyard/hallway with travertine or marble that ended at the door to our place. You had to open a small door within the frame to step into a cute little reception area with puffy couches, a table and TV. A jaunt up a sloping, marble stairway gave way to our two rooms which were connected with a terrace. The rooms were huge by European standards, and we each had our own bathroom per room. Was this what I saw though that night we checked in? Heck no. To say we passed out is an understatement. We knocked out HARD as soon as we got to our room. We had a reservation at the Vatican at 11:30, so we knew that the morning would come fast and we needed to just sleep.

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