So close, but SO far:

Stepping off the flight from Germany, I took a huge breath and sighed. I knew we were in for a LONG day. Our flight being cancelled from Germany to Italy meant that we had to clear customs, collect our bags, and recheck our bags and try and re-book a flight to Italy- hoping that the strike was over. Let me tell you, Frankfurt airport is a hot mess. Literally hot in temperature- but also a “hot mess”. The lines were super long and seemed really disorganized. We were helped by a very nice Lufthansa agent who got mom and I confirmed on a flight for 10pm (remember, it was currently 10am when we were going though this process) and Uncle John at 4pm and poor Zain was on a standby flight at 4- but he had to go to Milan and then be standby to Rome, too. The airlines gave us each 20 euros in vouchers for the delays so we could get snacks and lunch- so off we went in search of some German food.

So now we wait…. and wait…. and wait… Our bodies were exhausted from traveling and the airport was full of cranky, delayed passengers. We found a little nook to settle into and wait out our time in Germany- cool that we did get another stamp in our passport for another country on this trip.

There’s nothing quite like being so overtired you can’t even function. After Uncle John got on his flight, we found out that Zain could get on that flight, too~ which was so exciting! He didn’t have to go to Milan after all! Plus, that meant that Uncle John wouldn’t be trying to figure out Rome all on his own. 🙂 Through the miracle of modern technology, a great app called “What’s App” allows you to make calls and text via wifi and not have to use your cellular data overseas. I was able to message with our hotel and arrange transport for Uncle John and Zain and Mom and I so when we got in we wouldn’t need to think. Cause, let me tell you…. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience with how exhausted I was, and trying to figure out taxis and where to go in Rome was just not in my ability anymore. So yes, we gladly arranged private transport.

Mom and I didn’t celebrate till the wheels were up on our flight and we were cruising toward Italy. 3-2-1… pass out! Zzzzzzzz

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