The Waiting Game

So, two days ago we started our journey with a bang. We were headed out to the airport when we discovered that our connecting flight from Germany to Italy had been cancelled due to an airline strike in Italy. I wish I could say that I’m calm, cool and collected under the stress of transportation changes, but I am definitely not. I’m traveling this time with my mom, my uncle, and friend. I planned the whole trip (with their input) and always feel such responsibility when I’m the one who made the plans. I get it… I’m not responsible for flight delays, or cancellations… but it’s difficult to not feel like I was the one responsible for getting it all sorted.

After about an hour and a half on the phone with United (no help whatsoever) we got to O’Hare and the two ticketing agents were at least able to help us– we couldn’t get on the direct flight to Rome as we weren’t there early enough – but we were at least ticketed through to Germany. Once we reached Germany we would need to rebook with the airlines and try and get to Italy somehow. Who knew that our adventure was just beginning.

After solving crisis #1, we were able to relax a bit before our flight.Mom and I finally got to use those United Club passes we get with our mileage cards, so we started our trip in the airport by enjoying free snacks and drinks in a cool lounge and had a Bloody Mary, some snacks and oh, what the heck, a shot of tequila!

We had fun with our flight to Germany- we were all seated on the aisle (the only way to travel in my opinion) and may have been a tad tipsy – but we were finally all (read: me) in good spirits and ready to start this trip!

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