Pasta, Gelato & Pizza, oh my!

Rome is a foodie heaven. The thing is, when you are exhausted from wandering all day, and don’t really know where to go- you end up stumbling onto wherever is closest. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Our meal that first night was at a place recommended by our accommodation- it was a cute place and I had some awesome spaghetti with olive oil and pecorino cheese with fava beans and peas. It sounds strange, but it was great. We had a jug of house wine, and some amazing appetizers: ricotta cheese, burrata, eggplant. I just can’t get enough of true Italian food. About 15 years ago, my friend Katie told me a trick about gelato: Look at the banana gelato first, if it’s yellow – walk away, but if it’s tan it will be good gelato. Bananas are tan when mushed up- but if it’s yellow, they add artificial food colorings and such and it’s not as great. I had a marscapone and banana gelato and it was glorious~ there’s just something different about the texture and flavor of gelato– especially in Italy, wandering the narrow streets and listening to the buzz of people all around. I wish I could say our pizza experience was good- but by the time we had decided to even look for a place to eat, we were so exhausted that we sat down by the first cafe we saw and it was just not great. I was so looking forward to Italian pizza- and sadly, this one just came up short. Oh well, looks like I’ll just have to come back!!!

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