Returning to Rome

There is a tradition that when you go to Rome, if you toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain you will make it back to Rome… if you toss two, you’ll find love… and if you toss three you’ll get married. I’ll keep a secret as to how many I threw in there. The Trevi fountain is a kind of magical place. It is a beautifully constructed fountain, the biggest in Rome, and one of the most famous in the world. By the time we had gotten to Trevi, however, we were just exhausted. We sat and vegged out for a little while, and ambled back down to the winding roads, passing gelaterias, restaurants, cafes, shops and all sorts of people out soaking in as much as they could. Despite being a bustling place, there was a leisurely pace to everyone. This is life, this is the time to enjoy it. I truly wish I had a month to enjoy Rome, I do need to get back to Italy and just be here for a long time… this was such a tease.

We eventually got back to our place….but not until we had stopped at bar and had a lemoncello (a delicious digestif made from clear alcohol, sugar and lemon peels-yummy! After feeling completely exhausted, we checked our Fitbit and found out that the reason that we were exhausted is that we had done 26,000 steps today!! Oh, right and we were running on 5 hours of sleep, and had jet lag. Of to bed… up tomorrow again at 7:00am for the Colosseum!

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