Heading to Greece

After feeling like a fabulous pile of jello from the relaxing evening we had the day before, we were gearing up to finish our tour at a frenzied pace before jumping on a flight to Athens. Today was pretty night-and-day from yesterday- Mido and his driver were nearly an hour late- and Mido had to drive us in his own tiny car downtown Cairo to get to the museum while the driver got to the hotel to pick up our bags (hopefully) and meet us at the museum. Regardless, we did get to the museum (over an hour late) and got to see an INCREDIBLE amount of Egyptian artifacts. If you are ever going to go to Cairo, do not miss the opportunity to go to this museum- and hire a guide. They are so knowledgeable and gave some great context to what we were seeing. Going to see King Tut’s treasure was mind-blowing. The incredible wealth and detail of the treasure that was discovered spanned almost the entire second floor of the museum. We spent the extra cash and went into the mummy room where Ramses II was on display as well as many of the other members of royal families. I know I’ve said it before, but honestly, seeing how preserved the bodies were after thousands of years was so, so cool. After the museum we rushed off to do our “felucca sail”

on the Nile River. Let me just say that conditions were not good for sailing (read: NO wind)… but stubborn Erin says “Let’s go!” So the poor felucca captain (I use that term loosely) just pushed us with a long pole out into the Nile, where we drifted for a bit, and then he pushed us back. At least I can say I had my hand in the Nile! After tipping the poor guy, we all herded back into the van and were on my way to one of my favorite things to do- haggle in foreign markets! We were going to an old bazaar… yeah it was just for tourists, but the location was real and where people used to do their actual trading and such. My excitement was thwarted though, because Mido only let us wander for about 10 minutes and then he told us to buy stuff from his friend’s stall where we got completely ripped off…. AND I didn’t get a chance to haggle at all.

The good news is that we made it (barely) throughcustoms and the 27 security checks in Cairo to our flight to Athens. In a few hours we’d be with Uncle Tom and Aunt Jerri in GREECE!!!

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