Packing… & Procrastination

I could plan a trip for months… I love scrolling through travel sites, looking up hostels… trying to get good deals. But when it comes to packing all of the sudden my sheets need to be washed… the shelves need to be dusted… the bathtub needs a good scrubbing. Ugh, I hate it. It’s not that I pack too much or want to pack too much, I get that traveling light is the way to go- it’s just making sure I take what I need and only what I need. It’s a head game.

I honestly started packing for my current trip over a month ago. This involves putting everything I am even considering packing onto the bed in my guest room. The pile has grown to Mt. Kilimanjaro proportions. I am CLEARLY not taking all this crap- but it’s just the initial “gather”.  Next step. Trying it all on. If I don’t love the way it looks here in my room, I’m not gonna like the way it looks in Europe. I try everything on and it goes in one of three piles- 1. Yes, I’d wear it  2. Nope, back in the closet it goes or 3. Return it (I tend to like to buy fun new things for traveling- risky little game to be honest).

Then, I do a dry run packing to see how ridiculously over packed I am. Oh, yeah- that was a hilarious moment for this trip. Even with packing cubes. I had convinced myself that I was only going to travel with a carry-on and another backpack. Riiiiight. I know there are those people who can do that- but I’m not a size 2… my clothes take up a bit more space than the tiny humans. So- back to my trusty Kathmandu Backpack that I picked up in a discount bin in New Zealand for $50. This thing has been around the world with me and is still in incredible shape. But yeah- One large traveling backpack and a smaller backpack for carry-on. That’s it. For 2 months.  I’ll write another post when I’m done… clearly writing this blog is just another form of procrastinating!!!

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