Hands On

When I started out traveling, I got this idea that I wanted to put my hands on places that I visited… and take a picture. As I reflect back on that idea, it was before Pinterest, before travel blogs, and before the “wistfully looking out onto a vista” theme that I see in literally everyone’s travel posts.  I wasn’t doing it for any other reason than to prove to myself I’d been there. Often when I travel I feel like I’m dreaming- that if someone pinches me, I’ll wake up.  That somehow this isn’t my life.  Putting my hands on these places help me to be in the moment, and provide an anchor to my memories.  Throughout the years I’ve been lucky to have had my hands on the Sydney Opera House, The Franz Josef Glacier, The Colosseum, The Eiffel Tower, Machu Picchu, The Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat, Table Mountain, and well- as close as you can get to Stonehenge.

It’s been fun digging out these pictures and putting them all in one place. As I find more, I’ll definitely add more pictures here.




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